Dad's Notes

Right now, the only calendar that is fairly frequently updated is mine:

To use the Family Calendar:
1. COPY this URL:
2. From within iCal, click on Calendar->Subscribe
3. PASTE the URL where it says URL
It will ask you for the family web site password.
I would set it to Automatically Refresh once a day (under Calendar).

Email me if questions.

mysql or equal on bellsouth?

Change edit button from "update links" to "save and close"
Add "refresh"
add address book link, add regular grocery link
Add address book
Search capability: enter string, select all with matching string, bold matching string
Add aisles to grocery store list, sort
Add backup capability
Fix "chop" problem
Add "trashcan" file for each list, "open trashcan" to list at bottom

David Rains Wallace's "Idle Weeds: The Life of a Sandstone Ridge"


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