It has been almost six months since my last posting. It’s not so much a case of writer’s block, but more like thinker’s block. I really enjoy writing, but have clearly failed to maintain even a indecent blog schedule (dot tumblr dot com.) Without further ado, here’s a list of recent changes.

Jasper visit’s the Foundry’s Digital Dog House

1. The dog is bigger. Jasper is up to 50 pounds, and still frisky. His favorite activity is Dog Frisbee (as distinguished from the plastic kind hippies throw.) Second favorite is being scratched and hugged by his humes. Last on his list is maintaining his twitter feed. He’s learned where to pee (see previous post) and can roam the yard within the confines of the electric fence. (I had no idea how much training is required to do that right. Even some for the dog.)

2. Jayne has retired. Or more accurately, stopped going to work. Between Jasper, Ma T, trips to Virginia and Athens and Richland and Lawrenceville, plus making breakfasts and lunches for me, and finally getting to really dig, and dig into, her new lake house, she is busy dawn to dusk and beyond.

Kayaking on a full lake

3. The lake is up. The rain has kept the lake up to near-record highs, making for an easy dock management season for me, and a beautiful shoreline. We’ve enjoyed it from a variety of boats (pontoon, deck, canoe, kayak) and even the stand-up paddle board (‘SUP, y’all?) Ma T has pedaled her away up and down the cove in a kayak, and even learned how to cope with a boarder’s wake.

4. My boss has changed. After more than 15 years of reporting to the same person, a rather surprising organizational change has recently separated us, leaving me learning new tricks.

5. The Atlanta Foundry has opened. AT&T opened its fourth innovation center in Atlanta, and I got to help. I worked on some of the design aspects, especially in the audio-visual systems, and helped stage and execute the Grand Opening. Good times. Here’s a Corporate Blog link.

6. I’m riding the bus,and walking more. Thanks to number 2, above, I’m saving money, fuel, wear, and tear by only driving 40 miles a day instead of 110. I enjoy the bus ride (I wrote the first draft of this post while we cruised by lanes of stopped traffic), and I also enjoy the 15-minute walk to the office.

7. OTH is playing again. After some time off, the One Tree Hill core “power trio” of Patrick, Brian, and me, are rehearsing and playing again. It’s a nice break from the old 6 to 6. (Yeah, I know, it’s supposed to be 9-to-5, but reality is reality!)


8. The grandkids are even cuter! Hard to believe, but it’s true. Thankfully, they look more like their gorgeous parents and JayneeB than they do Grand Dude.

9. (Not a change.) I still work the NYT crossword faithfully on myPad, and often think of my Dad as I navigate obscure clues and bad cruciverbalistic punnage.

Lastly, the leaves are turning, and Fall is clearly on its way, signaling the approach of the holiday season. Is that a Festivus Carol I hear playing at the nearby mall?

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