Although I usually manage to do lots of things in the course of a normal week, I don’t write about many of them due to various agreements and understandings marital, familial, and corporate. The remainder of my activities tend to be more mundane, so I am usually forced to reference or echo the work of others, or write about technical matters, often at great length. I doubt that even my Mom, whose patience often puts Job to shame, can wade through my lengthier passages, which includes pretty much all of them.

So today I’m pleased to announce that, thanks to a relatively full dance card this past week, today’s post will be shorter, plainer, and more typical of the average web log. Just to prove it can be done, I will not be including any links or even any photos. Just words, and the fewest possible (thanks, in part, to practicing Twitter’s 140- character limit.)

Wednesday night we dog-sat two young huskies overnight, Kodi & Cheyenne. Other than some muddy footprints and a little night whining, they were delightful. (At this point I am strongly tempted to insert a photo. You’ll just have to use your imagination.)

Thursday night was relatively calm. We watched some TV and recovered from sleep lost to puppy play on Wednesday.

Friday night was much more active, including three automobile trips with friends and relations, a trip to Little Five Points, hours of pleasant eating drinking and chatting, occasionally even about meaningful things. I got to bed around 2:30 AM Saturday.

Saturday morning included a brisk and pleasant walk with Stella (f.k.a. “the White Tornado”). (Note that I am again resisting another photo insertion opportunity.) I spent an hour or so late morning remotely resolving an AT&T issue with a customer in Houston, pre-emptively changed most of our clocks to Daylight Savings Time, then went tool shopping and tire buying with Bo in the afternoon, ending the evening with a “guy shower” for my nephew that was more fun than any of us expected, mostly due to the presence of so much hardware store schwag, and a constant stream of guy-type humor.

Sunday Jayne and I visited my folks, where I pruned four of their fruit trees, did some miscellaneous home repair, drank lots of coffee, sat with my Dad and watched Ga Tech almost beat Duke in the ACC final plus an hour or so of golf, then we headed back home to prepare for that missing hour of sleep.

All in all, it was a very pleasant week.

I hope yours was, too.

3 Responses to “Regular”

  1. marilyn says:

    That sounds like a lovely week. I want a guy shower and a velvet-lined box of duct tape.

    What kind of fruit trees do Mama and Daddy B have? I’ve been eying peach trees and others at the frequent Lowe’s trips we take here in Athens, and apparently Philip and Andrea have an orange tree they’ve been getting good use out of in San Diego.

  2. etblog says:

    They have a pear, a peach, an apple, a fig and what I think is a nectarine tree. My experience is that fruit trees are tough to grow, but they can be rewarding. I really know very little about growing fruit, but based on my observations, I would probably try a fig, a pear, and a peach, in that order, assuming you like those fruits. Or even better, ask someone who actually knows something 🙂

  3. Cathy says:

    Catching up here… I vote for fig, if you like figs and don’t want to work too terribly hard on your fruit tree. But, I don’t know much either, only that my neighbors have one and they don’t spend a lot of time on it, yet it produces delicious figs.

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