“Standard” or “Daylight”??

ivory-soapA question from a co-worker this morning reminded me of an un-published soap-bar issue. (A soap bar issue is less important than a soap box issue. People can barely tell you are standing on a soap bar, unless you keep falling off. Which is a distinct possibility.)

I think one should always be able to use the term "Eastern Standard Time" (or whatever time zone you are in), since, whether we are in daylight savings mode or daylight wasting mode, it is still the "standard" time. I think it is a waste of brain cells and energy to figure out whether to type EST or EDT, depending on some politician’s latest brainstorm.

So I propose we always use "EST", unless there is some particular reason, such as writing a user manual about changing clock and calendar settings.

Will anyone join me in this quest? Remember, every soap bar movement starts small. Help me clean up this situation.

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