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Written Sunday, January 15, 2011

We moved into our new home on July 8, 2011, exactly 27 weeks and 2 days ago (thanks to wolframalpha.com for the calculation). I went on my first canoe ride on the lake TODAY! Ok, I must confess, in the spirit of truth, that I have been on a couple of kayak rides. And I’ve even tried Ben’s rowing shell. But this is the first time I have been in my canoe. (Here’s proof.)

picture of dock taken from canoe

Fuzzy Picture of Dock Taken From Canoe on Lake

The fact is, as much as I love living here (a lot!), I feel like I am working harder than I ever have. In addition to maintaining a larger house, I have already had to move the dock out three times to accommodate the lowering water level, build an extension to the walkway (I did have help from Bo and Franklin for that) and repair one of the winches that ripped off in last week’s 30 mile-an-hour gusts (with help from my multi-talented spouse).

And for the first four months I was also finishing up the remodeling job we left undone when we moved out of the old house. Our renter has been most patient, but it needed to be done.

Before you start feeling sorry for me, however, we have had many great times here already, with multiple gatherings, organized and impromptu. The entertainment potential we saw when we first looked at the house has been borne out many times over. And I won’t even mention the ot-hay ub-tay, from which I crawled less than an hour ago, limp as a noodle.

There’s plenty of work left for this year. But I feel like I made a symbolic step in the right direction during my New Year’s break. I amended the title of my iPad to-do list. Instead of House Work, it now reads House Work and Play.

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